Sunday, December 25, 2011

Semifinal Winners! Now for the Finals!

Merry Christmas! Here are your gifts - The first semifinal goes to . . . Celine Dion. Really, folks, did you think that Third Day's OHN was going to make it to the finals? It was a good run (especially since I wouldn't have voted it to come out of the first round).
The second semifinal goes to . . . Josh Groban. To me this is an upset, but I think that since Celine made it to the final, we needed some contrast. I personally love Mariah's version but I have decided not to overrule the masses (since it is Christmas). So the final is set: Celine Dion vs. Josh Groban. You can listen to them one more time:

We are going to continue this final for three days! So if you want to share with friends and comment, then go ahead. I will announce the winners this coming Wednesday morning! Good luck.


  1. Josh is great. Nice range, etc. However, Celine is perfection. Her beautiful modulation, her range. Incredible. Let's save time and declare Celine now.

  2. Celine's version is off-the-charts great. Tender, powerful, unforced, and under control at all times. Celine's is about as perfect as I can imagine. Josh did a great job, best of the rest.

  3. I think that I am a little late, but my vote goes to Celine anyway. Wonderful performance.