Wednesday, December 21, 2011

O Holy Night Off! Pavoratti vs. Studio 60

Last Round 2 match! Pavoratti, of course, is Pavoratti, and being a high tenor, brings us the OHN in the very high key of E flat, with his high note being a B flat. If you like him, you will like this, if not, then you probably won't.
The Studio 60 version has a backstory that you can read in last year's blog notes on the first round. I moved it on to this round because of the lack of good taste in the masses last year. Hopefully, people have learned more about good music and will vote accordingly, otherwise we will have to relearn this lesson again. So tell me who you like better (like it matters).


  1. I didn't listen, so I guess I like Studio 60?

  2. Studio 60 by a mile. Pavoratti is not my kind of music.