Saturday, December 24, 2011

Final Four Doubleheader!

Now is the time to find our Champion. The pretenders have been eliminated (mostly), and now we come to the Final Four in the competition. In one semi-final we have Celine Dion vs. Third Day, the cinderella who somehow stopped the clock on 11:59 pm and made it to the Final Four.

The other semi-final has Mariah vs. Groban. Two #1 seeds, two divas, two legends!

Let the competions begin! Tell me who you like and why. If you don't tell me why you are voting for someone, I will not count your vote! (Of course, I may not count it anyway.)

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like the antibiotics have kicked in. Celine, for the same reasons as b4. Sings from the heart with tenderness for a babe, but also with power in keeping with this baby's majesty. Midnight for Third Day.

    I like Groban in the second game of the double header. His version is excellent, and Mariah's, though demonstrating her great range (as has been frequently noted) wears out my ears. Too far out for me.

    ps: This has been great fun. Good job.