Monday, December 19, 2011

O Holy Night Off! Round 2 - Nat King Cole vs. Harry Connick

First, both of these performers sing the song in A flat, and both have iconic sounds. Nat is probably one of the most famous covers of OHN in the competition, and the last round Harry won on a controversial tie breaker (go to last year's post to hear that story). To me, I know who should move on, but others may have a different opinion. So let me hear it.


  1. Since Amy got Harry into this round, I consulted with Anne to see how she felt about Nat vs. Harry. We agree the classical Nat King Cole is much preferred due to the arrangement. Harry's was too weird for us.

  2. Nat wins hands down. Like Jay, I don't like Harry's arrangement.

  3. I still love Harry - but Nat should win this round.