Tuesday, December 13, 2011

O Holy Night Off - Round 2 - Kelly Clarkson vs. Bing Crosby

O Holy Night Off - Round 2 P7 Kelly Clarkson vs. P3 Bing Crosby

This round 2 match pits the winner of the acapella opening round winner, Kelly Clarkson, verses the popular Bing Crosby. First Clarkson, who like Hill and Glee, lower the key of the song, to Ab, making the high note a very reachable Eb. I didn't like this version the first round, thinking that 'nSync should have moved on. I don't like the background vocals in this version, although I think Clarkson's lead is very good. Finally, she lists her version of OHN as "Oh Holy Night." It is not OH but O. Oh is a moan, O is a word of beauty. Huge pet peeve of mine. Now Bing, who sings the song also in Ab, good for his Bass voice. However, he never goes for the high note, only going up to the C in the chorus. But his voice is a classic Christmas sound and he spells the song right.


  1. I doubt KC chose "Oh" over "O". Probably her "people" did that. AND, according to my research, "Oh" is a later version of "O" from middle English. However, you are correct that "O" is more poetic and appropriate in this instance. What about the voices? I say go "O"ld school with Bing.

  2. While Ms. Clarkson does a great job on one the song, I think she takes a few liberties with the song that I personally don't like. My opinion only. On the other hand, this song is Bing Crosby and vice versa. We all grew up listing to Bing sing this carol and many others the way they SHOULD BE sung. Bing wins hands down.

  3. Nathan, since we're being sticklers for spelling and such, it would be "Kelly Clarkson, versus the popular Bing Crosby," instead of "verses," unless you're making a very bad song-related pun.