Thursday, December 22, 2011

Quarterfinal Doubleheader #1

So now we move on to the quarterfinals, where we have these two matches in a doubleheader today. First we have Celine Dion vs. Bing Crosby - two heavyweights in the OHNO (well maybe one heavyweight, Celine is a little skinny) running into each other in the final 8. Celine has one of the most celebrated OHN in music history, but now faces the Ol'Crooner himself, who in White Christmas and Holiday Inn etched himself in Christmas lore forever. Have another listen below:

Next we have Faith Hill vs. the upstart Third Day, who is one of two Cinderella #6 seeds in the final 8. Again, we have to ask the question, can an atypical cover of OHN win the OHNO? Me thinks that Cinderella might want to look at the clock, because midnight is coming awfully fast. For grins, have another listen below:

So tell me the winners for both these matches, and why you think they need to go to the Final Four.


  1. OK. Our friend, Joy, was here and helped Anne and I decide. So, this is THREE votes for Celine and three votes for (drum roll).......................Third Day! That's right! The clock has not struck midnight! How can three music lovers such as ourselves be wrong?

    I love double headers.

  2. Now this is getting tough. I have listened to all four versions twice today and I'm just having a difficult time in this vote - glad I'm not the judge. I would prefer the Third Day version if I were on a long road trip and I could really turn it up - it is hopping, and I picture Bing holding a glass of something stronger than my Diet Dr. Pepper in his hand as he sang his version. So I think I have to vote for Celine and Faith - both evoke a sense of the holy (in OHN) for me - I imagine them in a beautiful cathedral. I love the way they both build up to something.

  3. WOW, such choices so close to Christmas. I am have to vote for the girls. Celine by a hair and Faith by a mile. Third Day is still too atypical for me.