Friday, December 23, 2011

Quarterfinal DoubleHeader #2

Here is the other quarterfinal doubleheader: The first match finds us with Mariah Carey vs. Nat King Cole. Mariah is the #1 seed, strong, multi-octave, B3 organ: you know that this is stout. Then we have Nat, the legend, the iconic voice, unforgettable (pun intended). Here it is for one more listen:

The other match find us with Josh Groban vs. Studio 60. I want to do this one with YouTube clips, because the one from last round with Groban helped him steamroll past TSO, and the Studio 60 YouTube puts the version from New Orleans in context, with the pictures from Hurricane Katrina. Groban version: Studio 60: Love the comments under the clip, agree with the one that says "The best four minutes of episodic television...ever."
So, tell me who goes to the final four!


  1. Gymnastic Mariah all over very middle of the road NKC. Last year I commented that Studio 60 would sound better if we were sitting at Cafe Dumond and the band was playing across the street in the park. The YouTube version is almost like that and I agree with me that, in context, the song is much better. Still, Josh is very good. I think it is Groban time. Sorry, Studio 60.

  2. Josh Groban. To my untrained musical ear, I simply like it better. Both versions are beautiful.

  3. Oh Nat, O Mariah, what a choice to make. Mariah with all the vocal gymnsastics and the B3 organ, Nat with the traditional, down home, soothing, easy to listen to version. It's close, but Nat gets my vote.