Thursday, December 15, 2011

O Holy Night Off! Round 2 Martina McBride vs. Third Day

O Holy Night Off! Round 2 CC2 Martina McBride vs. CC6 Third Day

Last round I told you why I liked the Martina McBride version. (FYI, she, like Hill sings it in the key of G.) Let me tell you what I don't like. Upon closer hearing, the piano sounds a little too "mean" for an OHN cover, and what I mean by that, is that the piano has a little bit more edge to it on the arpeggios than I probably would like. And, like last time, she sings the first verse twice. Why, O why, Martina, couldn't you sing one of the other verses? You might make it into the Elite 8, but if you meet Faith, you will be toast. The Third Day version is the atypical cover of the song. You either like it or hate it. Personally, I don't know that an atypical cover should make it into the Elite 8, but you can tell me otherwise. (Doesn't factor in as much in an an atypical cover, but it is in the key of C, making thier high note a G, the highest so far in Round 2.)


  1. Third Day's atypical cover is too atypical for me. Martina by a mile.

  2. Very tough call on this one. Both are flawed. I really loved Third Day in the first round, but against Martina, their version seems rushed. She didn't sing the whole song. Both spelled the title correctly. Usually I appreciate the unusual, the oddball, and left-handed people. This time I give it to Martina by a hair, but won't be disappointed either way. Neither will make it any further.